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She was born in Erve in 1943, last of sixteen brothers. She frequents the elementary schools and averages in the city native in Bergamo. In 1968 she frequents a course of childish pediatrics, in 1972 she participates to a course in tropical illnesses. For about twelve years she works in the public structures in Bergamo and Milan as nurse and educator near the childcare facility of Dalmine (BG).
Pedriatric nurse to the Onmi (Work National Maternity and Infancy) in 1974 she decides to depart for the missions through the Celim (organism of international Christian voluntary work). She reaches the hospital in Malawi where she is destined and she remains there for 10 years, lending her own service as childish nurse. After a three year-old small parenthesis in ivory Coast, but with the heart in Malawi, with the attainment of the pension, in 1991, it becomes a definitive choice.
Her destination is Chigweje to the Sister Martha Hospital. Here orphan or abandoned, sick and undernourished children come. She decides so to deal with them and she asks to the bishop a house where living with the children. She is given a small building and, after the restructuring, it is ready to welcome the orphans hence, “Alleluya House”.
In Namwera she immediately starts to pick up her children refused that she finds abandoned in the most disparate places, in the middle of the bushes rather than on the eyelash of the roads.
Some of these children are seriously sick, many have the aids, other cardiac problems, still others are so undernourished that to succeed in saving them is really an arduous enterprise.
Rita for this her own activity can count only on the help of some women of the place.
No institution helps her, only with friends and support groups in Italy who can carry out its mission with such difficulty.
Children grow up and when you can not put them in some local family must do more to raise them and educate.
For some years now Rita is the director of NACC (Namwera AIDS Co-ordinating Committee), a group composed of some associations that deal with care, in particular, orphans suffering from AIDS, which in the central part of Africa are still rising.
And so according to the plans of the NACC is undertaken the construction of a large nursery that can accommodate 120 children.
In Africa despite the countries anti-aids the reality of this illness is not included yet and therefore the people in the middle band of age both men and women, get sick and they die leaving their children with the grandparents that have enormous difficulties to attend them in many cases, because themselves should be attended.
The goal of the N.A.C.C. it is therefore to bring her children that survive from the maternal school up to the teaching of a profession to make them self-sufficient.
It is so born, always in the projects of the NACC, the school for plumbers and Rita also wants a school to educate girls in typing and using computers.

In 2002, the Diocese of Mangochi for lack of funds, decided to close the facility, but not to abandon her children, she decided to sell their goods in Italy and with the help of friends and support groups, began the construction of the orphanage Alleluya Care Centre, today the project became reality.
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