Il cuore della struttura a scopo caritatevole di Alleluya orphan Care centre

The new structure of the Alleluya Care Centre was born in 2003 to Namwera in the south of Malawi, what resulted of the appointment that Rita Milesi, a secular missionary, develops in Africa from more than 30 years. Malawi is a small country where the poverty is extreme, life is every day a challenge and a conquest.  As for the greatest part of the African countries, Malawi, besides the droughts and to the lack of food, must make the accounts with the sore of the AIDS, malaria, TBC and to a tall rate of mortality from birth.
So many, too many are children that are orphan of mother, father or of both their parents.  Just to offer them the hope of a best future, the Alleluya Care Centre.
The Center dedicates to the care of the band weakest of the population welcoming children from 0 to 3 years submitted by the social centers, left by their relatives that don't have economic possibility to grow them or abandoned. Assistance is offered to children to 360°, from the feeding, to the sanitary cares in an environment where little darlings and attentions don't miss.

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